Recover specific file type from a damaged USB flash drive

Comprehensive Guide: Recovering Corrupted Files from USB Drives

In the realm of digital storage, USB drives stand as a common choice for carrying vital data. However, they are susceptible to corruption, jeopardizing essential documents and photos. Fear not, as we present an exhaustive guide on recovering corrupted files from USB drives, aiming to outshine existing resources and provide unparalleled assistance.

Understanding USB Drive Corruption

USB storage media often falls victim to corruption due to various factors such as virus attacks, abrupt removals, or sudden power outages. This results in data corruption and file loss. Here, we explore methods to recover corrupted files and fix damaged USB flash drives without resorting to formatting.

Data Recovery Software: A Swift Solution

Editor’s Advice: Simple

Difficulty: 5-10 Mins

Time: Quick

The use of data recovery software proves to be a swift and efficient method. Our recommended tool, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, stands out for its ability to recover more than 1000 file types from corrupted USB flash drives, external hard drives, and other storage devices. This user-friendly software not only recovers files but also automatically repairs corrupted videos, photos, Word, Excel, PDF, and other document files.

graph LR
A[Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard] --> B[Choose USB drive to scan]
B --> C[Check and preview USB drive data]
C --> D[Restore flash drive data]

Fixing System Errors with Windows Disk Check Tool

Editor’s Advice: Normal

Difficulty: 15-20 Mins

Time: Moderate

Windows provides a built-in utility called Disk Check Tool to fix disk and system errors. While effective, it may not address all issues. Users can access this tool through the following steps:

  1. Connect the USB to your computer and locate it in My Computer/This PC.
  2. Right-click on the USB drive, select “Properties.”
  3. Navigate to the “Tools” tab and click “Check” under Error checking.

graph LR
A[Connect USB to computer] --> B[Right-click USB drive, select "Properties"]
B --> C[Click on "Tools" tab]
C --> D[Click "Check" under Error checking]

Utilizing Command Prompt for Advanced Users

Editor’s Advice: Hard

Difficulty: 15-20 Mins

Time: Moderate

For those familiar with CMD command lines, utilizing the Command Prompt offers a more advanced approach. Follow these steps:

  1. Plug the corrupted USB flash drive into your computer.
  2. Type cmd in the search box, right-click Command Prompt, and choose “Run as administrator.”
  3. Type chkdsk /X /f G: (replace G with your USB’s drive letter) and hit Enter.

graph LR
A[Plug in corrupted USB] --> B[Type cmd in search box]
B --> C[Run Command Prompt as administrator]
C --> D[Type chkdsk /X /f G: and hit Enter]

The Power of USB Repair Tools

Editor’s Advice: Simple

Difficulty: 5-10 Mins

Time: Quick

Our recommended USB Repair Tool provides a simple yet effective solution for repairing corrupted USB flash drives. Follow these steps:

  1. Download EaseUS CleanGenius on your computer.
  2. Run the software, click “Optimization,” and choose “File Showing.”
  3. Select the drive with a file system error, check “Check and fix file system error,” and click “Execute.”

graph LR
A[Download EaseUS CleanGenius] --> B[Run the software]
B --> C[Click "Optimization" and choose "File Showing"]
C --> D[Select drive, check "Check and fix file system error," click "Execute"]

Bonus Tips for USB Recovery

Fixing Corrupted USB Drive Errors

If your USB drive still faces issues, consider these additional tips:

  1. Check and Fix Errors on the Damaged USB Drive.
  2. Reinstall USB Driver to Repair Damaged USB Flash Drive.

Follow these steps for USB driver reinstallation:

  • Press Win + X keys and click “Device Manager.”
  • Expand Disk Drives, right-click on the USB flash drive, and click “Uninstall.”
  • Restart your computer, reconnect the USB drive, and let Windows automatically install the latest driver.

graph LR
A[Press Win + X keys, click "Device Manager"] --> B[Expand Disk Drives, right-click USB flash drive]
B --> C[Click "Uninstall"]
C --> D[Restart computer, reconnect USB drive]

Frequently Asked Questions about USB Recovery

  1. Can a corrupted file be recovered?

    • Yes, EaseUS data recovery program can recover and repair corrupted files.
  2. How do I fix a corrupted and unreadable flash drive?

    • Run an Antivirus Scan, CHKDSK scan, SFC scan, or use a data recovery tool.
  3. How can I recover my USB?

    • Use EaseUS data recovery software to scan and restore lost files from USB.
  4. How do I recover files from a corrupted flash drive?

    • Insert the USB stick, run EaseUS USB data recovery, and recover target files.
  5. How can I recover files from a corrupted USB for free?

    • Utilize free drive recovery software like EaseUS for a simple recovery process.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips users with varied solutions to recover corrupted files from USB drives, ensuring a smooth and efficient data retrieval process. Take charge of your data’s integrity with these effective methods.