Recover deleted text messages from iPhone without backup


In the fast-paced digital era, losing vital information like text messages on your iPhone is a common concern. Accidental deletions, faulty iOS updates, hardware damage, or factory resets can lead to the loss of crucial data. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil two foolproof methods to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone without the need for backups.

Retrieving Deleted Text Messages Without Backup [Software]

Understanding Data Loss Scenarios

  • Accidental Deletion: Mistakenly deleting text messages, photos, or videos on your iPhone.
  • Faulty iOS Update: Data loss due to a failed iOS update.
  • Hardware Damage: Loss of data from dropping your iPhone into water or on the ground.
  • Factory Reset: Essential data loss during a factory reset.

Meet EaseUS MobiSaver: Your Trusted Recovery Tool

When facing data loss, the market offers myriad solutions, but none as reliable as EaseUS MobiSaver. This professional iPhone recovery tool is designed to:

  • Recover and view deleted messages on iPhone without any backups.
  • Retrieve deleted photos and videos, including selfies, family photos, and app videos.
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface with a step-by-step tutorial for efficient message recovery.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Recovering Deleted Text Messages

  1. Choose the Recovery Mode: Connect your iPhone to your PC and launch EaseUS MobiSaver. Click “Recover from iOS Device” and then click “Start.”
graph TD;
A[Connect iPhone to PC] -->|Step 1| B{Choose Recovery Mode};
B -->|Step 2| C{Scan iPhone for Lost Messages};
C -->|Step 3| D{Preview and Restore Lost Messages};
D -->|Final Step| E[Recover Messages];
  1. Scan iPhone for Lost Messages: The software will automatically scan your iPhone and locate lost messages and attachments.
  2. Preview and Restore Lost Messages: Tick “Messages” and “Message Attachments.” Choose the messages and attachments you want to recover. Click “Recover to PC” or “Recover to Device” to decide where you’d like to restore them.

Retrieving Deleted Text Messages for iOS 16 Users

With the introduction of iOS 16, Apple added a game-changing feature called “Recently Deleted” to the Message app. If you’ve accidentally deleted texts and lack backups, this new option can save the day.

Video Tutorial Overview

Watch this Apple Support video for a quick guide:

  • 00:03 Recover messages on iPhone introduction
  • 00:12 Tap “Edit” from the top
  • 00:34 Select messages to recover

Written Tutorial

  1. Open the Message App: Tap “Edit” from the top.
  2. Show Recently Deleted: Tap “Show Recently Deleted,” and all messages deleted within the last 30 days will appear.
  3. Recover Messages: Select the conversation you want to recover and tap “Recover.”

How to Avoid Text Messages Loss on iPhone

Prevention is the best cure. Follow these steps to ensure you never lose text messages on your iPhone again:

  • Frequent Backups: Regularly back up your iPhone to a computer.
  • Enable iCloud: Activate iCloud sync on your iPhone.
  • Think Twice Before Deletion: Exercise caution when deleting messages.
  • Use Reliable Apps: Opt for trustworthy message management applications.
  • Avoid Jailbreaking: Refrain from jailbreaking your iPhone.
  • Caution in App Downloads: Don’t download applications from a web browser.


In conclusion, data loss is a common challenge, but armed with the right tools and knowledge, recovery is within reach. We’ve provided foolproof methods and preventive measures to ensure your text messages remain intact. For those who’ve lost messages over 30 days ago, download EaseUS MobiSaver today and experience seamless recovery.

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Deleted Text Messages iPhone Recovery FAQs

1. How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 6?

  • Recover via a Trusted Recovery Tool.
  • Restore from iPhone via iCloud & iCloud.com.
  • Retrieve from iPhone via iTunes.
  • Get deleted texts back by using Mac.
  • Contact iPhone Tech Support.

2. Is it possible to recover deleted messages on iPhone without backup?

Yes, if your iPhone runs iOS 16, open the Message app, and show recently deleted messages. Otherwise, try a third-party recovery tool.

3. How to find deleted text on iPhone 14?

After deleting text messages on iPhone 14, check the Message app’s recently deleted album, storing messages for 30 days.

4. How to avoid message loss on iPhone?

Follow these tips:

  • Back up iPhone to a computer frequently.
  • Enable iCloud to sync iPhone.
  • Think twice before deletion.
  • Use reliable message apps.
  • Avoid jailbreaking iPhones.