Route 66 Golf Cart Accessories

the iconic and nostalgic theme of this historic highway. Here are some ideas:

  1. Route 66 Decals and Graphics:
    • Add Route 66 decals to the body of your golf cart to give it a distinct look.
    • Custom graphics or stickers that represent the landmarks along Route 66.
  2. Custom Seat Covers:
    • Seat covers featuring Route 66 logos or images to enhance the overall theme.
  3. Golf Cart Mats:
    • Floor mats with Route 66 design or map patterns for a unique touch.
  4. License Plate Frames:
    • Personalized license plate frames with Route 66 motifs.
  5. Steering Wheel Covers:
    • Covers that incorporate Route 66 elements for a thematic steering wheel.
  6. Golf Cart Flags:
    • Attach flags with Route 66 symbols to the back of the golf cart.
  7. Custom Wheels and Tires:
    • Choose wheels that complement the Route 66 theme, perhaps with unique patterns.
  8. Neon Lights:
    • Install neon lights under the cart with a Route 66 color scheme for a cool night-time effect.
  9. Vintage Gas Pump Style Cooler:
    • A cooler designed like a vintage gas pump to carry drinks and snacks.
  10. Themed Golf Cart Accessories:
    • Look for Route 66-themed accessories like cup holders, mirrors, and dashboard accents.
  11. Route 66 Apparel and Gear:
    • Equip yourself with Route 66 hats, shirts, or other apparel to match the golf cart’s theme.
  12. Custom Audio System:
    • Install a sound system that lets you play music inspired by the Route 66 era.

Remember to check with local laws and regulations to ensure any modifications you make to your golf cart are compliant. Enjoy cruising along in style with your Route 66-inspired golf cart!